5 blunders to avoid during a kitchen renovation

5 blunders to avoid during a kitchen renovation

It is so easy to make mistakes when planning a kitchen renovation. Many traps exist and without the help of a team of passionate experts, you run a high risk of losing time and money. Your dream may become a nightmare that will haunt you for many years. Following are 5 of the more common traps and our advice on how to avoid them.

1. Ignore details during planning

Without doubt, the kitchen is the room that requires the most planning in any renovation project. It must be functional under many dimensions:

  • Storage: The required storage capacity to take in your tableware, cutlery, cookware, pots and pans, small appliances, pantry content, and all other miscellaneous items that you deem important to have at hand must be your first order of business. When in doubt, more storage space is better than less;
  • Ergonomics: Ensure that the « golden triangle » is respected, linking the 3 main zones of the kitchen: the storage zone (fridge, pantry, and cabinets), the cooking zone (stove and oven), and the cleaning zone (sink and dishwasher). Ideally, the zones must be at a short and equal distance from one another to allow smooth movement during meal preparation;
  • Clearances: Adequate space must be provided to allow full opening of appliance doors and drawers, heat evacuation, and avoid conflicts when multiple appliances are to be used simultaneously. The plan must ensure smooth movement, without obstacles and meet minimum standards. Your kitchen designer will see to it that your plan fits the bill

2. Appointing yourself contractor or project manager

  • Self-managing the project can quickly become difficult and result in delays and cost overruns;
  • Cuisines Rive-Sud is a reliable company, licensed and experienced. Turnkey projects are our specialty. By working with a « one-stop-shop » partner from start to finish, you will save time and money and enjoy full peace of mind.

3. Using price as the only selection criteria

  • While it is important to seek fair prices for all the elements of your project, be wary of selecting low-end products that may end up costing you more as they will have to be replaced or repaired more quickly than higher-quality items. Our designers will help you select the right options in line with your budget and tastes.

4. Neglecting electricity, plumbing, and lighting

  • Many elements in a kitchen need a power or water source. All your appliances must have easy access to electrical power and your fridge may need access to water; Dedicated electrical circuits or outlets with circuit breakers (GFCI) may be required. Our designers have the skills to provide you with relevant advice;
  • Ensure you enjoy the proper lighting for all that you do in your kitchen. Ideally, the various sources of light are on different circuits. You can thus have full control and create zones based on your needs: general lighting, task lighting, or ambiance lighting.

5. Selecting daring materials, styles, or colours

  • Do you have a craving for a bold décor? Why not! When novel elements are well integrated, the effect can be breathtaking. But badly balanced, you may quickly tire of these same elements. The decision is yours to make. Will they still tickle your fancy in 10, 15, or 20 years? Will they negatively impact the reselling power and value of your home?

And a sixth one as a bonus :

6. Not considering if other rooms would benefit from a renovation

  • Why not use the occasion to check if other rooms of your home would benefit from the presence of skilled workers to get a new lease on life? By efficiently combining your renovation needs, you will save time and money.