5 mistakes to avoid during a bathroom renovation

5 mistakes to avoid during a bathroom renovation

In planning the renovation of a bathroom, the importance of dealing with a reputable firm that regroups skilled and enthusiastic professionals cannot be overstated. It is indeed very easy to make errors that will have a lasting impact. Numerous traps await you and without a reliable partner, you risk losing considerable time and money and having to live with bitter memories of your dream project. Following are a few of those traps and our advice on how to avoid them.

1. Overlooking details when planning

  • Every detail is important: the number of sinks, shower type, custom or prefabricated vanity, built-in or freestanding tub, how much storage do you need? Avoid any disappointments with thorough planning.

2. Appointing yourself contractor or project manager

  • Managing the project yourself may prove difficult and lead to delays and cost overruns;
  • Cuisines Rive-Sud is a reliable, licensed, and experienced company specializing in real turnkey projects. Save time and money, and enjoy complete peace of mind by hiring a single company that will help you with your dream project from start to finish.

3. Using price as the sole selection criteria

  • While important to pay a fair price, going for the cheaper brands or products may end up costing you more than higher quality items. More often than not, they must be either repaired or replaced sooner with all the related inconveniences. Our designers can help you select the right products in line with your budget and tastes.

4. Disregarding plumbing, lighting, and ventilation

  • Relocating bathroom plumbing can be costly. It is important to be aware of the impact of such a decision and plan accordingly. Our designers will help you make an informed choice;
  • Where possible, your different lighting sources will be on independent circuits to allow you better control: overall lighting for the bathroom (tub and shower), dedicated lighting (at the sink for application of makeup, etc.), or to create the perfect ambiance;
  • Ventilation plays a key role in your bathroom. Reducing the humidity level prevents the development and spreading of mold.

5. Demanding highly unusual or very trendy materials

  • A unique décor has its rewards. The well-thought integration of creative elements can have quite an impact. Unbalanced, these same elements may lead to the premature aging of the look of your bathroom. Ask yourself if you will still be comfortable with your selections in 10, 15, or 20 years. Also, how will they impact the value of your home and its resale power?

And by the way, here is a sixth mistake to avoid:

6. Not looking into renovating other rooms at the same time

  • With all the skilled workers already on-site, efficiently combining your renovation needs will save you time and money and allow the smooth creation of an integrated décor.