You inspire the design, we create it!

Each space that is redesigned by the Cuisines Rive-Sud team is a masterpiece in itself. Our team of design and renovation specialists works together to create inviting, organized and elegant spaces. Constant monitoring is carried out to ensure the smooth running of renovations and the development of the project. The priorities of Cuisines Rive-Sud are meeting deadlines and respecting the budget and specific requests of each client.

Our creations stem from our detailed work and demonstrate our constant quality execution. We’re pleased to design unique and impressive kitchens and bathrooms. Given that the great strengths of our team are its flexibility and innovation, we can also complete projects and design custom-made furniture for other rooms besides the kitchen and bathroom.


Our recipe: Simple yet timeless!

You start and end your day in the kitchen. From breakfast to a late dinner, it’s the perfect place to get together.

Discover the pleasure of preparing a good meal in a nice place! Whip up your favourite meals with family and friends in an organized and functional kitchen.

Let our designers set up a layout that will improve the flow of the room, optimize the work surfaces and storage space and meet your specific needs.


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Our beauty regimen: Everything you need to maximize and refresh your bathroom!

The bathroom is the room in which we whiz through in the morning and make ourselves beautiful at the start of the day.

It’s a room that provides comfort and privacy, but that must also be designed to meet the needs of the whole family.

Our designers work on developing personalized plans that include all of your requests. Our precision and attention to detail allow us to create a functional environment that will meet your needs:

  • Suitable storage space for the bathroom
  • A make-up area or custom-made counter
  • Lighting suited to your preferences (dimmers)
  • Or any other special request

With the Cuisines Rive-Sud team, your bathroom, whatever its size, will meet your criteria and be both trendy and useful.


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 Custom-made furniture

From inspiration to completion, the Cuisines Rive-Sud team coordinates your project!

Are you looking for professionals with an eye for detail and experience in the development of built-in custom-made furniture?

The Cuisines Rive-Sud team is your go-to expert to complete your projects while saving you time and energy.

Our team of designers and carpenters create custom-made storage furniture to maximize your space!

Our experts make sure to deliver a product that will reflect your personality and exceed your expectations. Choose a unique creation, designed to blend in perfectly with the style of your room and to optimize your space.

For all custom-made projects and concepts:

  • Built-in furniture for the living room
  • Storage or walk-in for the lobby
  • Storage furniture and system for the garage
  • Walk-in or built-in storage for the bedroom
  • And much more

Our designers will design technical plans and propose various materials for a finished product that reflects who you are.


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