Design and plan

Although each project is different, they all start with a first meeting in our offices or your home, to determine your needs, tastes and various constraints.

Then, our kitchen designers make some research and develop a personalized concept that will meet your various criteria. You can then share your comments and submit your modification requests. Lastly, our designers will finalize the technical plans and establish a budget with you.

The technical specifications completed by our team usually include:

  • A plan of the existing layout
  • The demolitian and reconstruction plan
  • The layout plan
  • Elevations and technical details
  • Details regarding materials
  • Details regarding the work to be done

Once we get your final approval, we can finally start making your project a reality!

We would like to remind you that our team can support you afterwards with its turnkey service! Our comprehensive knowledge of your final plans, qualified labour and experience help us to ensure efficient coordination of each step of your project.



Our approach

Cuisines Rive-Sud offers professional support that is attentive to your needs and suited to your reality.

Our kitchen designers take the time to create a personalized concept tailored to your space and requests. The designers propose functional and useable layouts to match your tastes and the style you selected.

Our interior designers are specialized in custom-made layouts. Passionate, they stay abreast of trends and create innovative and practical designs.

With great care and attention to detail, our team offers attentive support for your kitchen, bathroom and built-in furniture project



3D presentations

To help you get a better picture of your dream space, our design professionals use the Vortek program to provide you with a 3D rendition of your project.

You can then enjoy a real handle on space and depth, play with colours, explore interior design options and consider various surface materials. Vortek can instantly access the range of materials from multiple suppliers enabling the on-the-spot selection of a design. In the digital era, this solution is also a great validation tool for professionals.

The Vortek presentation is included in our Quiétude package.



Final result

Customized service

The kitchen is known to be a gathering place. As for the bathroom, it’s a private place in which to relax. So, both are important and are rooms in which your family spends a lot of time. This is why it’s important that they meet your specific needs.

Our team’s designs and creations are unique because they are tailored specifically to each of our clients. This is why our designers value the preliminary meetings and research.

Above all, it’s important to analyze the space available for your project properly. Our team takes the measurements to have the information needed to complete a realistic and optimal plan.

Whenever necessary, they take the time to physically discover the current state of your kitchen or bathroom. This visit allows them to identify the irritants and problems of each room.

They must also determine the style that you enjoy, to make sure the concept they create will satisfy you for years to come and suit your daily habits.

The meetings in our offices or your home allow our designers to get answers to their questions and to create your plan. They will propose a new layout that will please the whole family and meet your needs and demands.

Our goal: Offer you a new layout to simplify and embellish your life!