Tailored made-to-

mesure designs!

A new optimized and

refined layout!

An ingenious design that

reflects your image


/ Measurement taking
/ Manufacturing
/ Installation
/ Coordination between your team and ours
/ Support throughout the mandate


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/ Consulting
/ Measurement taking
/ Prise de mesures
/ Plans and designs (comprehensive plans; plan of what exists, demolition plan, layout plan, tailored plans, etc.)
/ Tailored manufacturing
/ Quick and proper installation
/ Labour: Painting /Plumbing /Electricity/Ceramics/Carpentry


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Our mission: improve your daily life, one room at a time!

A unique and functional design tailored to your needs! 

For your next kitchen or bathroom, choose a perfect blend of design and usability.

To make your renovation project a reality, our team of kitchen designers and interior design specialists provide turnkey service!

Share your wildest dreams for your new kitchen or bathroom with us and our team of professionals will make them happen.

The only team you need!

Our expertise also includes built-in custom-made furniture design to maximize and optimize your space: lobby, living room, garage, walk-in, etc.

In addition, our flexibility and rigour make our team the only one you need to launch and complete your kitchen or bathroom renovation project.

Finally, save lots of time and energy with our simplified management! Our team ensures the logistics and smooth running of your renovation or redesign project, whatever its size.

Kitchen or bathroom

To design the perfect kitchen or bathroom, in keeping with your lifestyle and the style of your home, our kitchen designers take the time to meet you.

The first meeting, which is held in our office or, if you wish, in your home, allows us to discuss your expectations, inspirations and budget.

In addition to helping you determine your needs, our kitchen designers and renovation experts can provide useful advice to plan your project.

After studying the file and making some research, our kitchen designers can propose a custom concept and solutions tailored to your situation.

So, our team of interior design specialists is the Montreal reference to help you plan and execute your kitchen or bathroom renovation projects.

we plan – we design – you enjoy!

La Cuisine/salle de bain du mois

Quand le moderne rencontre l’utilitaire. Découvrez le projet de cuisine réalisée sur mesure pour répondre aux goûts et besoins de la famille Proulx. Des matériaux de qualité pour une allure indémodable et une atmosphère invitante.

« Un service complet, pour une cuisine actuelle et invitante! »
« Un service clé en main, pour votre nouvelle salle de bain! »


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