Armoires Mirabel Rive-Sud and Les Artistes du Bois have become Cuisines Rive-Sud!

A new name, the same excellent service!

Armoires Mirabel Rive-Sud is now part of the large Cuisines Rive-Sud team!

In 2018, Les Artistes du Bois acquired Armoires Mirabel Rive-Sud to increase its efficiency and bring its customer service to another level! This new alliance created Cuisines Rive-Sud. This alliance allows you to enjoy the same quality service and discover the advantages of our comprehensive service offer. Indeed, Cuisines Rive-Sud offers turnkey service that allows you to execute your projects from the planning to the completion stage.

We offer a vast selection and the best products to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, as well as a team of design and renovation specialists. Our experienced designers and carpenters propose innovative concepts and produce custom-made furniture to satisfy your every need. Our team also includes all the professionals needed to make your renovation project a reality (cabinet makers, plumbers, electricians, tilers, etc.).

So, there’s now only one team to call for every step of your project: Cuisines Rive-Sud!

Now: One single business for all your renovation projects!

Like with the initial team of Armoires Mirabel Rive-Sud, get a detailed quote for your built-in custom-made storage renovation or design projects.

We offer the same turnkey service, and seamless, efficient and detailed support. We also offer a wide inventory of high quality materials and hardware products under one roof.

Contact the experts at Cuisines Rive-Sud today and let us design a new kitchen or bathroom layout for you in a timely fashion. Our design and renovation specialists support you throughout the entire process and can handle all steps of your project from beginning to end.

In memory of Mr. Daniel Lahaie

The entire team at Cuisine Rive-Sud would like to recognize the outstanding achievement of Mr. Daniel Lahaie, one of the founders and former owner of Armoires Mirabel Rive-Sud.  It’s in his memory that the Cuisines Rive-Sud team will continue to service each client carefully and respectfully.

We would like to honour the excellent service that him, his brother Mario (cofounder and owner) and their colleagues Jacinthe and Yolande (kitchen designers) have managed to ensure over the last few years. The loyalty of their customers is undeniable proof of their devotion and the quality of their work.

Moreover, we’re thankful to still be able to count on the expertise of Mr. Mario Lahaie, who continues to support you in your projects within the Cuisine Rive-Sud team.

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